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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gay Will Never Be Okay.

I've known several gay men and women. They were all decent folk, many with the same ambitions, fears and hopes of the majority of the nation. One man was instrumental in my staying the course early in recovery from alcoholism. None of the men ever "came on" to me, the women were more like sisters I'd never had. When one woman moved out of state I actually cried a bit, she'd been that kind and thoughtful towards me.

Nevertheless if someone pressed me about homosexual sex I'd come out strongly against it. It isn't only a matter of adhering to Church teaching, check out the statistics compiled by the CDC regarding the high percentage of gay suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc. After that, yes, my Catholic beliefs kick in to ice the cake. Love the sinner but hate the sin.

So now as I see an increasing acceptance of homosexual sex practices and a complementary expectation of not just acceptance but outright advocacy from EVERYBODY, I wonder where it'll all lead. I wonder and worry about my own three small children.

Last night we saw a movie, "Good Boy", about dogs from outer space. One of the terrestrial canines was owned by implicitly gay couple (why else are two grown men shown sharing a house, pet, etc.?). It wasn't anything placed front and center, in your face style. But it was there.

How do I explain this when the time comes to help my kids know where to draw the line? You can bet that we Catholics will be more marginalized for our beliefs in the near future, where will it all lead?

I read of how the IRS, NSA, etc. have been used for political ends. I read of how "SWATTING" is becoming more a problem, of the increasing reach of CPS into the home environment. These things all play a part in my fears for the future. Just where the heck are we headed?

If my kids were grown or just not autistic I wouldn't worry so much. But in coming years they'll become more exposed to a culture increasingly at odds with Church teachings. They'll always be more dependent than most upon the social services offered by the government. Just how vulnerable will they be to real harm?

Yep, I spend a lot of time wondering where the Hell we're going and what the ride will be like before we get there.

As for homosexual behavior I'll choose my battles carefully. You can bet the time is coming soon when any criticism will be met with loud vehement outrage. But when I feel the need I'll speak out.

It's never acceptable. Never will be. End of story.