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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The lonely disposable children of our times

I got on this topic by thinking of a kid in my neighborhood. He recently moved into the area with his mom and sister. "Mom" is shacked up with one of the local trash here. It's an old scenario, the parent drags the kids along while she bangs the hell out of whoever is in her life at the present time. Unfortunately more often than not it means the kids are seen as lifestyle accouterments at best, as a nuisance quite often, as unwanted baggage at times.

So they had a dog that got nabbed by Animal Control after a neighbor called. The mutt was always on the loose, no tags and no collar. It's a friendly little pup, looks like a cross between a Lab and whatever. But this town has a leash law and when an animal is running loose like that it'll be more prone to pick up rabies, deer ticks or whatever.

Now I keep thinking of a small boy whose only real friend in this world has unexpectedly disappeared. Yeah, I'm prone to guilt trips ( I did NOT call Animal Control!). I also feel for kids with no real friends or fathers. Sue me. I just imagine how it feels to live in a strange house with a new boyfriend for Mom, going to a new school, having one of the bright spots in your life in the form of a puppy.

Then having that pup disappear.

So I'll hug my own kids a bit tighter tonight, say a rosary or two for the kids involved in this vignette and drop an anonymous letter off for the mom and boyfriend; telling them where the mutt went. Maybe they'll give a darn to the point of retrieving it. Maybe not.

What the hell else can I do?

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